Next week is Thanksgiving! The Christmas holiday is about a month away. The New Year is fast approaching. Buying a home next year is right around the corner. To make home-buying dreams come true for the New Year it is time to start making a plan now. Here are a few steps that can make buying a home next year become a reality.

Credit Score

The first step in buying a home next year is improving your credit score. The holidays have a tendency to put a lot of people in debt. One of the keys to improving your credit score is to not go in debt or more in debt. It is easy to overspend on loved ones and friends during the season. Be mindful of your budget and spending abilities. There are lots of ways to give meaningful gifts without overextending your credit limit. Once you get a hold on the holidays, keep on raising the score while lowering your debt.

Down Payment

Once your credit score is in the green it is time to save for a down payment. Once your belt is tightened, keep on saving the money for a down payment. Buying a home next year is great timing to start saving now. Having the ability to provide a down payment is essential in almost every homebuying scenario.

Set Your Budget

Once you have your credit score up, your debt down, and you are on your way to saving for a downpayment, it is now time for a budget. In order to achieve your dream of buying a home next year, all these steps need to happen. Once you have a handle on debt and savings you can start to see where your finances really are. This gives you the ability to start truly looking for your new home. Though, there is one more step before that can happen.


You not only need to get all your paperwork and finances in order for yourself, but you need to for the bank. Before even stepping into and looking at a home you might want to buy, pre-approval is necessary. This can only happen once you have your debt down, have a down payment saved, and know your budget.

Buying a Home Next Year

There is only a short amount of time left in 2019. This is the perfect time to talk with us about how to set up next year as the year! Buying a home next year is a realistic goal and is a great New Year’s resolution. You just need to start now and be money consciousness. We can help you with all the questions you have about buying a home in 2020.