There are a lot of different types of homes to buy in Colorado. You can find everything from city living, to suburbs, country, mountain, and even ranch. The possibilities are endless when it comes to types of homes in Colorado. So to make it easier to buy a home in Colorado, you need to narrow down your choices.

Within a 2 hour drive of the front range, right around Fort Collins, you can have almost any type of home you could image. There is big city living, small city charm, quaint neighborhoods, and brand new developments with all the amenities. You can also find plenty of ranch and farm type homes if you are looking for a working property. As a new home buyer, you need to find your niche.

The biggest concern in Colorado is the time it takes to travel to anywhere. Being on the east side of the front range makes travel times a little more calculable than being on the Rockies side. However, if you do want a country home and or homestead, you are going to have to consider driving on long dirt roads that will seem to just go on and on. Also, the mud on these dirt roads once it gets wet, is like driving on a combination of ice and snow. You need to be prepared for hazardous conditions any time of year.

The same can be said for any of the higher up homes along the front range. A mountain home will be just that. It will have winding canyon roads that can flood or just be down right dangerous in a storm. That is why it’s called mountain living.

The alternative is a nice community in one of the smaller towns or cities right along Fort Collins and the Loveland area. It’s sometimes easier, when considering what type of home to buy, to work yourself from the farthest point to the closest point. What are you looking for in a new home? Is location a key factor? What about travel time between schools, work, and stores? Colorado is still home to some good old country, out of the way living, just make sure it is what you and your family are looking for.