If you’re a bike lover looking to buy a new home, Fort Collins, Colorado may be the perfect city to do it in. The city ranked #1 on a list of bike-friendly cities by the organization People for Bikes, with high scores in bike safety, growth of biking routes and programs, and reach of the bike trails network. If you’re looking to find a home in a neighborhood that will let you get the most out of your bike, here are some areas you want to spend some time in.
Downtown Fort Collins is the most bike-friendly area in the city. There are six Fort Collins Bike Share stations within the downtown boundaries and six more nearby, which makes pickup and drop-off easy. High quality bike trails can be found in Civic Center Park, Library Park, and Lee Martinez Park. Though there aren’t as many single family homes for sale, there are regularly listings for condos.
University North
There are two bike share stations in this area, which is close to Colorado State University. There are several lovely bike trails in the area, along with bike access to some well-known local eateries and pubs. Houses here tend to run more expensive than in other areas of Fort Collins, but are often good investments.
Old Town West
This is a residential neighborhood, which means there are proportionately more houses for sale in the area. However, it’s close to downtown, Civic Center Park, and the City Park, all of which can be easily reached by bike. If you have a commute, there’s a bike share station near The Lincoln Center. Houses here come in a wide range of prices, and everything from condos to single family homes are usually available among the listings.
South College Heights
The neighborhood has two bike share stations a mile away, and good bike trails around both nearby Williams Lake and Nelson Reservoir. This is also an area with some of Fort Collins’ more reasonably-priced homes, so if you’re looking for a solid single-family home that won’t break the bank this is probably a good place to start.