There doesn’t seem to be anything more relaxing than being able to sit on the front porch. One of the most sought after items on a new home checklist is an outdoor sitting space. This can be a front porch, patio, deck, or a cultivated area meant for sitting. There has been a recent boom in porch and deck improvements considering it’s pretty much the only areas we can go. Front porch living is not a bad way to be. Actually quality porch space can help increase the value of your home.

Comfy Seats

As I said one of the most popular items on a new home checklist is outdoor space. This includes a place to sit and relax. Outdoor furniture has evolved so much over the years. When I was a kid most outdoor furniture was the type that would leave welts on your skin if you sat too long on it. Nowadays, outdoor furniture can be comfortable and look good. It is even weatherproof and can stay outside for extended periods of time. Before the world changed it was always fun to go into a home improvement store and see all the different types of outdoor furniture available.

Decorating Opportunity

The real estate market is hot right now, really hot. So many people are buying and moving. One area that can help move a house quicker, especially in the summer months, is the outdoor space. This is a great opportunity to showcase some DIY decoration skills and practice staging. Remember when staging an area you want the potential buyer to be able to envision their own belongings in that space. However, with outdoor spaces, especially front porches or patios it is good to give an example of how comfortable it can be. Most people like the idea of being able to entertain in an outdoor space, especially with the world right now.

Front Porch Thoughts

I am purposely trying to not talk too much about what is going on in the world right now. What I can say though is that a lot of magnificent home improvement projects have taken place. Reference the last blog to make sure that it is an appropriate project for your family and budget right now. But also realize that you do not need new things to make a space feel relaxing and enjoyable. Get creative and let your inner designer shine, especially while you can’t have too many people over right now. Stay safe and healthy!