…you are on time. If you are on time, you are late.

I first heard this saying in college. I had always hated being late and I thought arriving right on time was efficient enough. Turns out that in order to almost always be on time, you need to be early. It is hard nowadays to navigate good etiquette and what is expected, and not expected when buying a home. A few extra steps could help you secure an approval on your dream home.

More Than Please and Thank You

Please and Thank You’s should already be ingrained in your vocabulary since childhood. It is the easiest etiquette we have all grown up with. It is quite astonishing however, that they aren’t always used, especially in a professional environment. Go a step higher and be prepared, for everything.

Schedules are important in all of our worlds but especially in the Real Estate business they are crucial. It’s a delicate balance between seller, buyer, Agent, and any other parties that may be involved. Make sure that if a time and date are scheduled that you arrive, early – to be on time. It is courtesy to make appointments a priority, especially if there is a contest going on with multiple offers. You may just your offer approved over someone else, would let etiquette slide.

Be Considerate

Sometimes because of schedules, homeowner’s will be present during a showing with an Agent. Things are going to be pointed out to you and you will see lots of things you like and dislike. Remember that even though the home is being sold, the homeowner still has feelings. Keep any negative comments to yourself until later. Things that might need work, items you would want to change. Remember to respect the space of the current tenant and like momma always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.” Especially with the people who could accept your offer are listening.

Polite Wins Bonus Points

Be memorable for being on time, saying please, thank you, and offering up positive comments. The more positive, on time, and prepared you are for meetings that involve paperwork, the quicker the process can be. Respect all parties involved, and remember that even if you are stressed, others could be stressed too. Taking that extra moment, that extra breath, and keeping everything, calm, civil, and respectful, will keep you positively noticed above those who can’t act in this manner.

Remember, if you are early, you are on time but if you are on time, you could be late.