My friends have said so long to the rental life. They gave notice and set a date to move out. The upside is that they have purchased a multi-family unit. The downside is that one of the tenants who was supposed to be moving out has caused a delay. In order to make this move, they decided to go with the moving pod method. This was great because the pod was loaded up at their rental and can now sit outside their new home until they are ready to move in. The downside is deciding what stays with them as they are now homeless for a time period. Don’t worry, they are fortunate enough to have friends with a vacant apartment that has repairs being done on it at the moment. Having a conversation with her the other day though I asked what essentials she has kept with her. She laughed and said she has a few items that her Real Estate Agent suggested to keep on hand for the move.

Pain Meds

Of course, moving is going to be stressful and the one thing you need to make sure you have available to you is medicine. This would be any prescribed medications but also the ones that you will need from the pains of moving. She made sure to keep track of all her and her husband’s items so that they didn’t end up in the pod and were with her at all times. She knows that ibuprofen and Tylenol products will come in handy.

The Bathroom

Alright, bathroom talk here. My friend was told it is most helpful to travel around with her own toilet paper and plunger, especially for the first few move-in days of her new place. It is also convenient right now because where she is staying hasn’t had any tenants for a while. It is easy to forget items that have been commonplace and that it will make life easier to have on hand.

Air Freshener

Moving into a place, especially on the heels of someone moving out, you made need some air fresheners. Some places have time to be open to help the previous tenants smell to air out. If odors are still lingering having different types of odor relief will help. Candles, air sticks, plug-ins, just something to help you cope with the new place. It can help you stay more relaxed while doing a lot of work if you aren’t battling unfamiliar smells.

These are just a few of the essential items you should keep on hand for a move. Most Real Estate Agents can suggest items that will help make the moving and transition period easier on you. Don’t hesitate to ask and have conversations with us. Not only are we here to help facilitate buying and selling, but also the ins and outs of moving. We are here to help!