Moving items and people is an arduous task, and it can be even more difficult when moving with pets. We, as people, know what is going on prior, during, and after a move. The decision to buy a new home is one that happens with a lot of forethought and planning. When making a move with a pet or multiple pets, the same amount of planning needs to go into their transition as well. Here are a few tips that can make the transition for your furry family go smoother.

Don’t Squirrel

When it comes to moving with pets it does take a lot of planning to make sure they don’t stress out. They are used to routine and organization. Have you ever noticed how a pet reacts to a couch that is in a new place? The best thing you can do for your animals is to give them time to prepare. Your cats will love this, start bringing in boxes and packaging for them to sniff and play around in. Your dogs may be wary at first but will come around. Don’t squirrel and forget about getting them adjusted to what is to come.

Prepare the Crates

Depending on how you travel with your dog or cats, keep their safety in mind. The best way to transport animals is always in a secure crate. A lot of animals haven’t traveled very often in this fashion. You will need to take time to get them accommodated to this, more so if you are moving a long distance. When placing out boxes for your pets to get acquainted with, do the same with crates. Place food and familiar smelling items in the crates and let them get used to going in and out of them. Using crates for travel is the smartest and safest thing you can do for your pets, especially when moving to a new area. This can help keep animals confined until inside the new home and they have less of a chance to escape.

Just One Room

Plan on leaving one room as-is for as long as you can at your old home. This will give your pets a place to feel comfortable while packing and moving items from your home. Leaving one room to be packed until the very end can help keep your pets from stressing out too much. The same can be said for your new home. Make sure that it’s pet-proof before you let them out. Try and have one room that can be set up quickly in the new house. Have all their familiar scents and items handy. Make sure the rest of the house is secure. Windows are closed or have screens. Basements or outside doors have latches and are closed. You don’t want an escape to happen on the first few nights.

Prepare for Them

In conclusion, moving with pets can be done and with minimal stress to you and your animals. All it takes, if possible, is a few months of preparation work. It is going to be a stressful and exciting time for you and your family. Just remember that pets can feel those same things, but don’t always know what it means or how to react. Be patient with them in a new house. Accidents from stress may occur. Give them time to adjust, just like you will need time to adjust.