The Groundhog in Pennsylvania has declared that spring is on the way because he didn’t see his shadow this year. Though this is fun folklore, hopefully it is still true! This is the perfect time to prepare a list of items that need to be taken care of before summer is in full swing. If you are in the market to buy a new home, this is a great time to prepare your home for being shown and sold.
The Fridge
This is the time of year to clean all of the hard to reach places. When was the last time the refrigerator was moved and was cleaned underneath and behind it? Under the fridge and behind are classic spots for dust bunnies to move into and hide for the duration of their stay. It is amazing what can amass under the nether regions of this appliance. Take the precautions, time, and help if needed, to safely slide, the refrigerator forward to clean the vents, check the connections, and clean the space behind and underneath. With new appliances this may require shutting off water sources so please read the owners manual carefully before cleaning.
High Corners
Another great place to clean in the spring is all the hard to reach corners of each room. Cobwebs and dust like to settle in the corners as well as on top of the window sills and doorframes. It is good practice to apply a duster to the corners and tops of the room, just prior to throwing open the windows to let in the fresh spring air. If the room has any ceiling fans this is also a great time to clean the blades. This may be accomplished by a simple duster or by removing the blades. It’s a great time to check connection and to make sure the fan is still firmly attached to the ceiling.
Vaulted Ceilings
If the home you are in has vaulted ceilings or places that cannot be reached from a step stool, please take the necessary precautions or call a professional cleaning company. This is an expense most people try to avoid but if the house is going to be on the market to be sold or bought, then these steps will only aid in the moving and showing process. Think of people coming into the home as an inspection. They might not necessarily be judging the homeowners cleaning abilities but it is not something that should detract from the potential home buyer.
These are simple tips to start the process of spring cleaning. If the home is getting ready to be sold then the list will be longer than normal. Take the time to plan out cleaning so that by the time summer comes around all you need to do is enjoy the sunshine!