Even in a seller’s market like Fort Collins, staging your home properly can make a big difference between finding the right buyer and having your home sit empty.
Staging your home lets potential buyers see its full potential, as well as helping them visualize themselves enjoying the space as their own. No matter where you live, or how much you’re asking as a listing price, there are simple things you can do in order to make your own stand out amid all the possible options on the market.
Clean, clean, clean
This is more than just picking the toys up off the floor and cleaning the old mail off the counters. It’s important to get every inch of your home as clean as possible, from scrubbing the windows and counters to making sure the grout between the tiles is shiny and bright. Outside your house, make sure to power wash your siding, porch, and walkways. If you have to, it’s worth the money to bring in an outside cleaning surface to do the job thoroughly.
If you have shelves stuffed full of knick-knacks or a bunch of decorations and small appliances on your countertops, now is the time to put them away. This is also true of pictures on the wall, and even sometimes the overall pieces of furniture in the room. Stuffing a room with too many items can make it feel smaller and less appealing to potential buyers. Conversely, creating more open space makes the rooms feel more inviting and helps people envision their own things in the space.
Offsite storage is the most ideal, since many potential home buyers will want to take a peek inside your closets. If that’s not an option, new storage containers can help make closets and other storage spaces look more organized even if they’re full.
In order to help potential buyers picture themselves living in your home, get rid of signs that you’re already living in it. Family photos should be put away, as well as any decorative items that are particularly individualistic. Neutral pieces, both in regards to color and gender, can stay in place.
Still, you don’t want the house to be empty. Once you’ve de-cluttered and de-personalize, bring in a few key pieces such as a vase of flowers for a table or a bowl of fruit for beside a sink. In the bathroom, a high-quality white bathrobe in the bathroom and a nice-looking, unused bar of soap in a decorative tray can help complete the picture you want potential buyers to see.