With homes going for an average of $400,000 and more in the Fort Collins area, it’s more important than ever to make your home seem like it’s worth every penny.
Once you’ve taken care of the basics of staging – cleaning, de-cluttering, and de-personalizing – there are finishing touches you can do to make your home sparkle. From making the outside of your home more inviting to giving the inside a bit of a style polish, there are tricks you can do to make any house feel more like something potential buyers might see in a magazine.
Boost your home’s curb appeal
Once you’ve power-washed your front porch and walkway, repaint or stain the porch floor as necessary. Hang easy-to-read house numbers, and make sure that any bare patches on the lawn are re-seeded or re-sodded. When that’s firmly in place, mow the lawn to help blend in the newly patched area. After all that, add a welcoming touch with a clean doormat, potted plants (blooms are better, but not if they’re old-looking), and possibly even one or two pieces of high-quality porch furniture.
Make your home more showroom ready
When staging your house, you want to create a fantasy the same way the displays do in furniture stores. Re-arrange your furniture into conversational groups both opens up the rooms and makes them seem more user-friendly. Taking out brightly-colored accents will help make the rooms more neutral and increase the number of potential buyers the home will appeal to.
Another big trick is to boost the lighting. Change out old lightbulbs for new ones, boost the wattage on the lightbulbs already in place, and make sure all the blinds are open. If you want to make a room even brighter, add a mirror to reflect any available light into the rest of the room.
Pay attention to the little things
When it comes to a room’s furniture or accessories, using odd numbers can help boost the interest of an otherwise symmetrical room. If you have a dining room table, make sure it’s set and styled in a way that looks both polished and inviting. Keep that same mindset with the details in the rest of your home as well by making sure all your accent pieces are in the best condition. From towels in the bathroom to the napkins on the table, make sure everything is both new and high-quality.