With home prices in the Fort Collins area hitting a new peak, it’s important to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.
When shopping for a new home, there are a few potential red flags every potential home buyer should watch for. Though a home inspection is an important step for everyone to take, you don’t always need to wait that long. Keeping an eye out for these early warning signs can save you and your realtor from wasting time on a house that isn’t right for you.
Does the roof need repair?
Though obvious signs of damage are a big no-no when it comes to buying a home, subtler signs of roof damage could end up costing you just as much in the long run. A sagging roof is a sign of long-term structural issues, and lots of patches often mean a repair job that’s been put off. Conversely, a new roof can sometimes mean a lower homeowner’s insurance rate and possibly even lower energy bills.
Is a paint job hiding structural flaws?
Instead of looking at the décor, keep your eye on loose wiring and mouldings that are either damaged or been hastily repaired. Odd surfaces on the walls, especially if limited to small areas, can be a sign of sudden patch jobs meant to cover leaks or other internal damage. Cracks can be even more dangerous, but are sometimes only faintly visible beneath a new coat of paint.
Are there problems beneath the surface?
In addition to structural issues, you and your realtor need to check the innards of the house as well. Run the faucets, then look at the pipes underneath the sinks to check for any leaks. Even if you can’t see or feel water, water damage and mold are often signs of a slow, persistent leak. In the bathroom, smells can be a sign of sewage issues.
Elsewhere in the home, it’s insulation you need to keep an eye out for. An attic that isn’t sufficiently insulated can mean higher heating and cooling bills, and also might be a sign of shoddy work in other areas. In addition, pipes and ducts need to all have sufficient insulation in order to make it through the winter. If access to these things isn’t readily available, talk to your realtor to help arrange a closer look.