In this article, I’ll give you a few good reasons as to why fall is a good time to buy a house. It may seem less conventional since the spring and summer are when the most buying and selling take place but there is some sound reasoning as to why fall is a good time to buy. If you are someone that has been waiting to buy a house there are multiple advantages during this time period. It’s time to take advantage of the fall season.

Let’s Get Serious

Imagine that you are the seller and that your home has been on the market through the spring and summer season. At this point, you become very serious about selling your home. The seller may have priced the home higher during the competitive months. However, if it was too high they may now be frustrated and willing to take a lower offer because of less competition. As a buyer, you have had time to tour and look at multiple listings. You are not willing to settle and know almost exactly what you want. It’s time to play the low ball game and put in offers that may just shock you if accepted. If you aren’t in a rush, there is nothing to lose.

The Big Breaks

If you do decide to buy a house in the fall there may be certain tax breaks because of how late in the year the purchase is. A lot of deductions are taken for an entire year regardless of which month the home was purchased in. Also, it is possible that payments made before loan closes are tax-deductible. Ask more about what breaks can be had for late-year buying.

The other big break is that fall is the safest time of year. Thieves and burglars take a break and home break-ins are down. This gives you time to learn about where you are living and what other neighbors use as precautions. Is there a neighborhood watch? An alarm system? It’s a break on break-ins and gives you time to settle in.

Fall Attention

Fall is also a great time to work with your Real Estate Agent. Since the demand is slightly less, and competition is down, it is time to really focus on you. Your agent can take extra time with you. Most agents are good at making you feel like the center of attention, now you really are. Take advantage of this! Hope this helps convince you why fall is a good time to buy.