One of the greatest defenses is a great offense. Currently, in Colorado, there are wildfires happening in a few different areas around the state. For someone who is either planning on buying a house or who has recently purchased one, this can be daunting. Natural disasters can occur in Colorado and it is best to be prepared for those. For wildfires here is a good starting point. It is also recommended that you have plans in-depth about what to do in case of an emergency.

Clear That Brush

If you live on a piece of property that has a lot of vegetation, make sure that it is alive and well. If because of drought or hot days your garden has died.  It is imperative, especially if you do have wildfires near you, to clear out the vegetation. A good rule of thumb is to keep anything within 30 feet of the house tidy and neat. In other words, remove and cut back anything that is dead. Also, make sure you haul away your yard debris or place it at least 100 feet out from any structures on your property.

New Home Build

A lot of new building material is protected with ignition resistant material. Depending on where you are building, it would benefit you to have a conversation with your builder about these types of materials. It seems the threat of wildfires is one that is non-discriminatory on area or location. It is always just to prepare the best you can. Along with resistant materials you can make keep dead debris from collecting. Check gutters, decks, patios, fences for areas that have collected dead vegetation. Make sure that your home is accessible, if needed, to fire apparatus via a driveway or road maintenance.

Evacuate When Needed

However, what keeps most people calm in an emergency situation is having a ready plan for your family. Part of this could be teaching the family how to use fire extinguishers. Also, how to shut off gas or electricity to the home. For worse case conditions having an evacuation plan with meeting points and what each family should take with them, if possible, is something that can be practiced. Try a keep a jump bag ready, especially if a wildfire is near, that has important documents and phone numbers that would be needed.

Communication and Awareness

Remember these talking points are just that, talking points. These are just a few things that could help your family and property. Do the research and access the resources that are available. The number one priority is to keep your family safe. Property can always be replaced. Be safe and educate yourself on what the best plan for your family is.